12/24V DC Automotive Battery Tester [Large Clamps] [LED Display] – Alternator/Battery Check/Diagnostic Tool for Cars Motorcycles Trucks




Accurate status analysis for your 12V or 24V battery—and alternator too!
Whether your battery is 12V or 24V, the OLS car battery & alternator tester delivers precise analysis of charge and status levels. Testing the battery is simple: with the engine turned off, connect the RED battery clamp of the tester to the positive battery terminal and the BLACK battery clamp to the negative battery terminal and the battery state will display followed by the state of charge. To test the alternator, have the engine running and follow the procedure above. You can even effortlessly test whether your battery charger is charging your car, bike or truck/SUV battery.
Designed for masterful mechanics and novices alike
Engineered specifically with user-friendliness in mind, this auto battery tester comes fully-loaded with such helpful features as extra-large clamps, intelligent LED status indication, and lightweight portability. Even if you’re not handy with a wrench, detailed instructions are also included for your convenience.
You’ll always be in charge of your battery and alternator status
Being stranded by the side of a busy highway or a dangerous neighborhood because of a dead battery or failing alternator is the worst. Take charge of your safety (and your loved ones’ too) on the road by regularly monitoring your vehicle’s battery and alternator condition with the OLS 12/24V DC Battery/Alternator Tester.

  • Brilliant LED display captures alternator and battery states
  • 12/24V battery compatible
  • Heavy duty clamps for superior grip and accuracy

Package Content:

  • 1 x OLS 12/24V Alternator/Battery Tester with Positive/Ground Clamps
  • 1 x User Manual

12/24V BATTERY COMPATIBLE- Conveniently and accurately check the charge of the 12V or 24V battery in your car, motorcycle, truck or SUV.
EXTRA LARGE CLAMPS- Our clamps are sturdier and larger-sized than the competition, providing a more secure fit on a wider range of terminals. Bigger is better!
BRILLIANT LED DISPLAY- A crystal clear and easy-to-read LED status indicator lets you know exactly the state of charge for your battery or alternator – no more fussy gauges or fuzzy digital displays.
BATTERY CHECK, ALTERNATOR CHECK, EXTERNAL CHARGE CHECK- battery check indicates whether your battery’s in working condition; alternator check indicates the state of your alternator based on its measured voltage; external charge check indicates your battery’s charge when using an external power source.
LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE DESIGN- Sporting compact dimensions and a lightweight design, this battery and alternator checker is perfectly portable and fits neatly inside of pockets.


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