1-Gauge 800A Heavy Duty Jumper Battery Cables 25 Ft Booster Jump Start – 25′ Allows you to boost battery from behind a vehicle!




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Never Leave Home Without Them
When your diesel truck, tractor, car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle needs a boost, you’ll be ready with this booster cable kit. Iron Forge Tools’ tangle-free, color-coded jumper cables are easy-to-use and will have your vehicle up and running in no time. These 25 foot cables allow room for connecting one vehicle to the other. When you’re done, store the jump cables in the complimentary case so you can get back on the road and continue your adventure. Jumper cables are an important safety accessory for any vehicle.

How to Use Jumper Cables
Make sure both vehicles are turned off.
Connect one end of the red clamps to the postive (+) post of the dead battery
Connect another end of red clamps to the positive (+) post of the good battery
Connect one end of the black clamps to the negative (-) post if the good battery
Connect another end of the black clamps to the frame bumper or engine block of the dead battery. DO NOT CONNECT DIRECTLY TO THE NEGATIVE (-) POST.
Make sure clamps from one cable do not accidentally touch the clamps of the other cable.
Start the working vehicle Wait 1-2 minutes, start the dead vehicle, and then keep the vehicle running for a few minutes for recharging the battery.
Disconnect the cable clamps in the reverse order.
Color identification of cables prevents crossing of wires; Red (+) Black (-), Including 1 AWG Copper Clad Aluminum Wires, thicker Wires with Super Good Conductivity. Withstand thermal changes and much safer than those of aluminum cables.
Jumper Cable 25′ Feet Long, 1 Gauge, 800 AMP – Commercial Automotive Vehicle Booster Cables – Motorcycle Car ATV in your trunk or car emergency kit so you can safely boost jump your vehicle whenever need.
Use in any weather: Tangle-free flexibility engineered for warm and cold climates; Oil, chemical, and water-resistant PVC jacket that keeps the cables flexible in all weather conditions. Perfect for cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and SUVs.
Heavy duty 1 gauge cable constructed and Dual Construction and Extra Strong-Grip Heavy duty copper-coated jaw clamps with solid copper clamps to administer optimal contact; Serrated jaws; High-tension parrot clamps; Non-slip rubber coating offers a secure connection grip.
You are backed by our Performance Assurance. this Booster Jumper Battery Cables come with 30 Days HASSLE-FREE RETURN & 36 months unlimited replacement promise. If you have any issues with the cables, simply contact customer service for troubleshooting help, replacement, or refund. Our aim is to make you satisfy the cables and the service we provide for you.


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